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  • TWS Restaurant in Bukit Beruang (Melaka)
  • TWS Restaurant in Nilai
  • TWS @ Batu Pahat

The Windmill Station!

The place for great western food and local delight.

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In 2000 we started the first TWS restaurant in Melaka, some of the founders came from Holland and they wanted to introduce the great western food to the Melaka audience. Melaka itself has also a wide range of local delights which along the years we mixed with the western food in our menu.
Our goal is now to provide you with a fusion of Great Western Food with Local Delights in a comfortable surrounding for a reasonable price. Come try it out and see it for yourself!

The Windmill Station Sdn Bhd - Melaka (3) - Seremban - Nilai - Batu Pahat